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Deep in a lab hidden in the dark recesses of the earth, a group of young and able musicians experiment with the color and concepts of their own realities.  After listening to and struggling with musical groups such as GlassJaw, LetLive, Every Time I Die, Incubus, and Bring Me The Horizon, they offered themselves as a release to a cause greater than their own.  Through auditory dissemination translating through metacarpus skin tissues, they work to create a new way of living.  Through various means of communication, they have reached a new found theory: Fuck Science, Just Scream!
  They have found that while creating, an unnatural effect is caused unto their mediums and this corruption dulls both their ability to perform and willingness to create. Through steadfast methods of old, the heart dies out, leaving nothing but a loud buzzing gray in its wake. The goal of this group of extraordinary individuals is to help others escape the reality to which they claim. 


The thoughts, methods and morals of current society have destroyed the youth. The beauty of innocence dies upon its breath into the world. The conditions of the church and its moral base that it should represent have been corrupted through greed and the powers that be. The government for which it stands has betrayed it’s people, cheated it’s supporters, and shit on the values it stands for. We dare not recommend fighting against these elements, but work with them like the decrepit and failing organs of society they are. There is a cancer that we accept, a disease we all live with, a science we have come to know and believe in. This science is wrong. This science goes against the humanity it was designed to help flourish. The water in the gene pool has become stagnant and poisonous to drink from. It is time for change, it is time for SCIENTIFIC UPPER CUT.

This group of individuals handpicked by the universe has taken to a medium that can translate across language, can ignore the enviable decay of time, and live out to purify a message that can revitalize this dying chunk of organs we call life. Through 8-string guitars into massive heavy hitting amps, through rumbling, thought out, and groove worthy bass lines, beats to which all man alike can walk, and a soft crooning to demonic screaming from the bowls of angst ridden vocal machine… these thoughts and ideas shall be translated across time and the universe. FUCK SCIENCE, JUST SCREAM!

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